LED-lights change the color of the wall graphics

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 11:15 PM

A color-​​changing wall graphic
Colors of light (RGB) interact with colors of print (CMYK). Careful combination of these two color systems can transform static printed graphic elements into an animated, dynamic interaction. New structures and visual coherences are created by the interplay of light color and surface /​ object color.


The combination of the color systems RGB (colors of light) & CMYK (colors of print) leads to an emergence (color) and disappearance (black) of structures and surfaces. Differ ent layers of perception are being created. The change of color and the combination of the two systems alter the room and the viewers perception. The installation is supported by an acoustic layer generating further associations.

Graphical concept
An illustration of slightly slanted stripes, colored in a gradient through a whole color range. The color of the stripes modify with changing RGB light. The stripes unfold like a curtain and animate the wall.

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source: http://www.verenamichelitsch.at/index.php?/staged/light-installation-lmk/


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