Chef’s Kitchen and Lounge for Boa Mesa Exhibit

Friday, July 22, 2011 at 7:37 PM

Project conceived for the 2009 Boa Mesa Exhibit, which the architect in a close collaboration with Todeschini, emphasized her very best visionary style. On a 194 square meter area, Fernanda presented a very peculiar version of the contemporary kitchen: one of the most sought after spaces in the show. The wooden ceiling, made of sheets is remarkably organic and is the great highlight of the project.

Another interesting point is the sculpture-like deck, developed by Corian Dupont. It draws attention for its sinuous shape and for its multifunction quality: presenting itself at times as work bench for the chef, at other times as a bench, and at other times as a bar, until it is finally incorporated to the wooden ceiling.

Project: Chef’s Kitchen and Lounge
Architect: Fernanda Marques
Photography: Demian Golovaty


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