Europe’s biggest Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw

Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 2:22 AM

Warsaw, Candidate city for the European Capital of Culture 2016 held the opening of Europe’s biggest Multimedia Fountain Park. The magic are performances involving “light, water and sound“. Every Saturday water jets will be shooting illuminated water to a height of 25 meters and on screens of fog; laser and film projections will be shown.

The idea of the “fountain park” next to the Vistula river bank is to re-introduce the Vistula to Warsaw through a loud explosion of creative energy. The Multimedia Fountains Park will revitalise the river bank next to the old town via a group of independent but synchronised projects as a the multimedia fountains, benches alongside the water basin, new bicycle path and the planting of fruit trees.

Vistula – A River That Connects is one of the main three themes of the programme of Warsaw ECoC 2016. It is intended to concentrate the social and cultural life on the river banks, provide unforgettable experience and increase the attractiveness of the area. Particular care will be directed towards projects combining the power of central Warsaw on the left bank with the developing and creative Praga and the historically charming Saska Kepa districts on the right bank. As a result, the banks of the Vistula in Warsaw will become a place full of artistic expression, where artists, NGOs and residents will work together to create the climate of creative and united Warsaw.

The total of 2 fountains water surface area: 870.03 m²
It consists of:

Trough large irregular – 2177.61 m²
Basin Northern Line – 257.08 m²
Linear Basin south – 386.82 m²
Basin playground – 48.52 m²


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