Nautilus Project, Singapore

Monday, July 25, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Japanese studio design spirits co. has created ‘nautilus project’, a restaurant located on the fourth floor of the ION shopping center in Singapore. Nest like volumes encircle semi-private dining spaces, separating them from the rest of the restaurant while acting as sculptural installations. Organic and natural in their appearance, the delicately spun objects alter the perception of light and space as they gradually untangle and reveal activity within. Transforming the simple overall shell, the cylindrical forms softly divide the large room into a series of intimate and porous spaces.

Overlapping layers of light wood create a textural and ethereal environment. the strong, swooping forms are softened by the materiality and application of wood, appearing as warm and comfortable rather than frenetic and chaotic. light filters through the organic structures, casting shadows and patterns onto the monochromatic surfaces.

Solid contrasting pods in the center of the restaurant dictate the overall arrangement of space and provide a controlled glimpse into the art and preparation of their food. curving inwards at the entrance, the units highlight the beginning of the transition inwards and sets the tone for the overall focus.


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