Orange Cinemas, Beijing

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 11:19 PM

This project has a unique character. The designer tells a story about moving, turning forms, movement, sun, impressions, and illusion of the cinema. All these elements are expressed by colours, textures, and light. The space is created thanks to variable light of big screens, sounds from Piano Bar, and the intense play of colors.

Orange Cinemas interiors consist of Piano Bar zone, private VIP-rooms, Cigar Club, and three luxurious cameral auditoriums: Black Room, Orange Garden and Pink Sky. Lobby is a unique cameral club space with the collection of the latest works of art.

Logo, inspired by manually painted Chinese symbols, was the basis for design of Orange Cinemas interior. The shape of the bar, carpeting patterns, shapes of door and table holders, openwork curtains, quilts, and wall patterns are the transformation of the sign form.

Smooth surfaces are the continuous game of escaping and overlapping colourful spots – starting with orange, through pink and dark chocolate hues, to dominating black. Big contrasts are on the one hand a background for multimedia performances, but on the other hand they are a perfect place for intimate meetings in the middle of the film scenes.

All furnishing elements – sofas, tables, bar stools and lighting – were individually designed by Robert Majkut. All is kept in consequent black, orange and pink colouring. Material used in the concept are shiny stone, mahogany veneer, silk wallpapers, wool carpeting, leather, felt, and polished steel.

Total surface of the cinema constitutes 1000 sq meters. 3 auditoriums, of 30 seats each, are adjusted for 200 guests.


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