Coming soon: DIALux 5.0 aka DIALux EVO or NG - next generation

Monday, February 27, 2012 at 10:40 PM

After many postponing finally looks like the new completely rewrote DIALux will be published. According DIAL the new version will be available in April 2012. I suspect it will be published on Light + Building in Frankfurt. Not all the features will be available in the new version of DIALux, for a while the 4.x series will be developed, published (and used) beside the 5.x branch. The plan is to integrate all the existing features in DIALux 5.5

According DIAL the new "features" will be:

- new technology
- simple to use
- rekonstruct buildings from 2D - plans
- whole building
- lighting tools
- photorealism
The new version will be 3D based:

The plugins can get a new design as well:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great !

    Hope it will be available soon...
    And hope running on MAC OS X.....

    Cross Fingers....

  2. vanguard Says:

    Natively won`t run on MAC unfortunately. Not even 64bit version is available. :(

  3. Federico Says:

    Nice article, we like dialux

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