PKO Bank Polski

Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 12:49 AM

The PKO Bank Polski, is a far cry from your ordinary bank! We normally wouldn’t describe a bank as warm, sexy, and sensual, but the design of the PKO Bank makes saving and investing feel glamorous – ‘tell me more about your IRA options Mr. Bank Teller.’  That is exactly the environment that Polish architect and designer Robert Majkut wanted to create. Majkut took inspiration for the interior design from the already existing company graphics which consisted of black, white, and gold. The colors manifested within the wall materials, furniture, and lighting, to create a dramatic ambiance within the space.

One of the most interesting features of the bank comes is the dynamic wall behind the receptionists desk. Majkut explains that “a bi-dimensional pattern was completely transformed by introducing an additional dimension: it was made spatial by being projected on the tri-dimensional model of the interior.” The architect went on, “to achieve this effect special software for parametric design was used, which allowed for the creation of a complex and ordered structure formed as a transformation of the subtle grid of lines converging in one abstract point.” 

The grid form of the wall came straight from the logo of the bank, then transformed into an exciting design feature within the space. Next came the lounge, a conference room, individual offices, and a small meeting area, all of which are designed to be luxurious, sophisticated, and comfortable!