Emptyful Sculpture, Winnipeg

Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 8:57 PM

Artist Bill Pechet has collaborated with lighting co-designer Chris Pekar of Lightworks and Lumenpulse to create the 35-foot-tall, 31-foot-wide “Emptyful” sculpture in the Millennium Library Plaza in Winnipeg, Canada.

“Lighting for ‘Emptyful’ had to be slender, discreet and powerful,” says Pechet. “We brought Lumenpulse into the process early and designed the beam with their fixtures in mind.” A total of 28 Lumenfacade color-changing LED luminaires are secured on each side of an H-beam, half pointing up to accent the fog, and half pointing down to light a curtain of water cascading down into a 500-gallon tank below.

The stunning effect has mesmerized hundreds of people who have come to visit the piece. “It was influenced by the phenomenon of weather and human endeavor,” Pechet says. “When you first visit Winnipeg, it can appear empty and open, set amidst the vastness of prairie and sky. But within, the city is full of creative energy.”

The color-changing luminaires are set to 18 summer and 9 winter sequences, and each lasts for one to two minutes. Lumenpulse’s Lumenfacade RGB fixtures are designed for grazing or floodlighting exterior surfaces with color.

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